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Concoraedel Academy! 


An actual place that is part of the universe me and Tory are building. Get a chance to become part of it yourself! Over the next couple weeks I'll be uploading all kinds of information, lore, and more about the universe! Prepare to feast your eyes on new races, new forms of magic, and a whole brand new world! I'm excited to be creating something like this! But this isn't taking place at the opening of the academy. Which means there should be people who have attended for a while already.. right?

Because of this I'm offering an exclusive to all my current watchers who have watched me before this journal! Get an option to join as a senior! If things go as planned then it will take quite a while to get to senior status the normal way. What does this mean? You get to skip all the boring leveling, skilling grinding, and perk gaining up to the class you join. SO! You get to make a battle seasoned character right from the get go! Just think of being given the option of skipping a vast majority of levels on your favorite MMO! Some of you may find that to be the joy of building a character however so I will also open up sophomore and junior classes for those who want the fun of growing but just want a small head start. Once I post more details about the academy in the coming weeks and character creation becomes possible for prospective students, I'll open up applications to all of you over here for higher classes.

I hope to see a lot of you interested in this! If you're not just stay posted for lore and history into this ancient universe.


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Corey Vaeth and Tory Herr

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I Don't Care

There isn’t a problem
You don’t seem to understand
I’ve lost the need to see
It’s all just grains of sand

I haven’t lost my way
I’ve just stopped moving
I’m not being passed by
You are all just choosing

Just letting it come to this

I’m not running away
I don’t see the point
Monsters all around me
The same thing everyday

Accepting this with peace
Failed to find any reason
Doesn’t seem to matter
Living with the breeze

Slipping into a coma
This seems all so perfect
This new world so tranquil
Away from this damn wreck

Just letting it come to this

I’m not running away
I don’t see the point
Monsters all around me
The same thing everyday

Accepting this with peace
Failed to find any reason
Doesn’t seem to matter
Living with the breeze

You came on down
Just as I found right
Shaking my very being
This is far too bright
You got me thinking
Now I’m so unsure
The things that I accepted
Just a filthy blur

I’m not running away (not anymore)
I didn’t see the point (now found a clue)
Monsters surrounded me (you fought them away)
Things changing everyday (thanks to you)

Can’t go now with peace (I’m fighting today)
Now finding reason (you’re giving me)
It all starting to matter (like they did before)
Going against the breeze(I can now see)

Do you want to buy a heart?
This one is no good anymore

It's all but fallen apart
The pieces all shattered on the floor

It's just gonna crack crack
Till I can't fight back

I'll let it crush me

Crushing crushing crushing

You don't want to fix this
So let's just throw it away
It's not worth the effort
I'm just as good grey

Why do you even want to try?
Back together the cracks are still there

Maybe it'll wither and dry
And you see I wasn't worth a care

It's just gonna break break
Till I can't act fake

I'll just let it crush me

Crushing crushing crushing

You don't want to fix this
So let's just throw it away
It's not worth the effort
I'm just as good grey

I have nothing to give
Go find someone better
I'm just a blank book
Empty without a single letter


I'm just gonna crack crack
Till I can't fight back

I'm just gonna break break
Till I can't act fake

I'm just gonna snap snap
Till I just collapse

You don't want to fix this
So let's just throw it away
It's not worth the effort
I'm just as good grey

I have nothing to give
Go find someone better
I'm just a blank book
Empty without a single letter

I'm glad you're still here
Race Name---Homeworld(not necessarily the world the origin choice resides on)
Origin(there are certainly more options out in the universe but so far these are the only choices I feel comfortable with releasing. Some I have to keep exclusive for canon reasons!)
Origin description.

Choices : Choice description


Most Lurahes are not born into a particular House in the Lurahes kingdom. They are often given a choice of joining one they find connection with. It is typically only Lurahes of noble blood that are born under the name of a House. This being said, there are some Houses that can only be born into.

Eetirc : The most valiant of the Lurahes. They put honor and dignity above all. The Eetirc House is responsible for a majority of the strategic decisions made in the most recent wars. None leading to a defeat. While they very rarely lead the charge, once they step on the field, chances of surviving against their legion has so far proven to be zero.

Faldheon : The Royal Lurahes guard. They handle the political and diplomatic affairs of the Lurahes kingdom. The Faldheon House is also in charge of staffing the city guard of the main kingdoms. Involving both civilian and noble defense. They are the last line defense should the outlying force be destroyed by invaders.

Gretswaar : The vanguard of the Lurahes. By far the strongest and most capable warriors, they rip to shreds everything in their path. These warriors have left almost everything behind to create a living for their brothers and sisters back home. They spend almost their entire lives fighting. Due to the nature of their lives, all are given the option to leave when they wish. Should they stay however, the kingdom provides for them the lives they deserved when they have finished their term.

There is a large amount of clans among the Daizix population. While some were formed since the very beginning of their blood, many were formed by Daizix wanting to make a name for themselves and their family. Most clans are led by one elder till they decide to pass the title or die in battle. While rank and other leadership are only determined by strength. Usually through monthly tournaments conducted inside each clan.

Forwar : One of the oldest and largest clans. The achievements they accomplished on the battlefield have been etched deep into Daizix history. Most Daizix lore and myth stems from battles they’ve fought. Way back when the grandest wars were going on. Forwar continues to produce some of the greatest warriors of this day and age. Always striving for glory and beyond.

Hodeerstil : One of the very few “academic” clans. Academic meaning a slightly smaller chance of them ripping your throat out, they try to record the greatest points in Daizix history. Their members scattered throughout the universe among other clans, they try not to fight so they can instead write. This is often a lost cause as they can’t help diving into battle as well. Their main reason wishing to be history themselves.

Galiat : A universe renowned mercenary clan. While not the large in it’s entirety, it’s warriors are of the purest Daizix blood. Men, women, and young are measured in worth by their scars. The unscathed, no matter how strong, are something of little desire to them. While this philosophy often results in loss of limbs, you can always expect the Galiat to fight to the death. To always stand by your side to the very end.

Early on in Cerygur life, they decide an Incarnae of magic to Align themselves with and dedicate their research and magic growth in relation to that choice.

Vigovll : The Incarnae of Mana. The source of magic itself. Cerygur who align themselves with Vigovll dedicate their life to growing their magic to that of something far beyond any other being in existence. Their soul purpose is being the strongest mage in existence.

Concirr : The Incarnae of Knowledge. Cerygur aligning with Concirr pick him because they want to learn as much about magic as they can. It’s uses, types, and details. They want to propose new hypothesis and pursue them over and over. A true Concirr aligned Cerygur never stops learning and studying magic till they provide a great discovery to the universe. Even after that they continue their research.

Ehssyg : The Incarnae of Soul. Cerygur who pick this path typically have no preference to how they live their life. They simply wish to follow whatever they feel is right. They just strive for greatness. Magic is their means for achieving said greatness. For them it isn’t just being the strongest or bringing more knowledge to the worlds. It’s giving something to universe it desperately needs. Something it will cherish. How they get there… is something forever lost to them.

The Faethel have three main kingdoms. Each floating in the sky of landless world as it’s core. These three worlds differ immensely. More specifically the skies and their make up differ. Each giving the Faethel born in their light something unique.

Emrean : The first of the three empires. A shining beacon of gold amongst an eternal blue sky. The Faethel here live a life of luxury. However be it a small percent, some Faethel wish nothing more than to see the worlds outside of theirs. It is very hard for them to leave as many of the other Faethel try to keep leaving forbidden. Emrean Faethel’s born under it’s sky are given silvery wings.

Arcia : The second Faethel empire. It serves as a grand library for the Faethel filled to the brim with knowledge in an attempt to discourage venturing outside of the kingdoms. Most Faethel attend schools here before traveling the universe. Their world’s sky changes from a dark blue to a light purple due to their distance from their sun. Faethel born here are born with black wings.

Zin : The third empire and the only one completely open to the outside world. It is a central hub where many travelers come and go as they please. Commerce and trade are booming. Zin is also incredibly famous for it's entertainment. Featuring dramas, music, and much more. The sky here changes from an incredibly vibrant red to golden orange. Faethel born here are born with white wings.

Tsaeri all come from the same world. Aline. But there is only three forests they are born in on this world. Each forest has grown to be incredibly unique compared to the other two. Their beauty however is universally accepted.

Pyx : This forest is filled with trees that seem taller than mountains and thicker than buildings. It covers almost the entire eastern hemisphere of the planet. It’s filled with all kinds of life throughout. The flowers here grow off the trees. They are few in number and generic in color but they grow to incredible sizes. They are sought after by many for their unique aroma.

Syf : This forest isn’t quite that of a normal forest. It is a vast grassland of infinite flowers inumberable in color. The grassland is constantly broken by extremely thick patches of forestry that give this land a rather strange look. Due to the sheer amount of flowers, the air always smells beautifully. This also gives the hills an great amount of color. It is almost impossible to see the green.

Nym : A forest in eternal night. It exists right at the northern hemisphere. The plant life here has taken luminous qualities so even with the lack of sunlight, it is bright and colorful. It's location causes it to be colder than most other forests but the thick canopy of leaves prevents any snow from reaching the ground, making it appear as if there’s a whole different world just above the trees.

Many Wayfard have still yet to find something they can call home. These Wayfard have inherited some of the experiences and feelings of their ancestors. This acts as a guide for those who are still alive. Still searching. Still lost.

Valien : The Valien name is one of the most well known one amongst the worlds. These Wayfard have fully embraced their empathetic powers that drive them to understand the pain of those around them. Valien Wayfard have developed their power so strongly they can feel someone in need worlds apart. These Wayfard have forsaken finding that which they can call home for the sake of helping others. They walk the worlds following the a trail of pain and leaving none of the like behind them. They stay till all is better.

Harrt : Those of the Harrt lineage are but another lost family. They very rarely spend more than a few days in the same location. Constantly searching, seeking out something they fear they’ll never find. It’s a sad truth that many never pass in somewhere they could comfortably call their own. This has never yet discouraged a single Harrt. They hope to pass on their legacy so that the next generation can have a chance at something they never did.

Braviiron : Braviiron are a lineage of warriors. Wayfard who always chose the blade in an attempt to blaze a path to the bright light they see at the end of the tunnel. Many believe they’ll find home upon death, at the other side. They fight so that they might have a path to be proud of. A path they made themselves to take with them. A path they wouldn’t regret when they finally reach the point of no return. Many Braviiron don’t fight as mercenaries but instead simply wish to join a cause they find no fault in and find kin amongst battle.

While Straic are indeed the most varied of all the races, it is observed that similarities in appearances are often passed down generation to generation. Not simply color or patterns, sometimes more definitive features.

Ferane : The Ferane are a brood that have never quite found their place in civilization. They live in the wild exclusively and make their homes in caves and trees. Compared to many other races they may seem the most primitive, but their ability in hunting and catching prey of any kind is unmatched. Even to  a Talm. Ferane all have extremely long and wild hair. Their fur typically matches the terrain they were born into.

Bascri : A brood that has spread out across and settled down in all kinds of worlds. These Straic are a very strange brood compared to their kin. They have fit in perfectly with other societies and are incredibly elegant in form. They groom themselves to the highest of standards. And as opposed to most other Straic, they actually shave off most of their fur to match their surrounding citizens.

Varg : An extremely warlike brood. The Varg are constantly on the move taking up arms when they can to fight wars that have nothing to do with them. They almost never ask the reasons and just fight what they were paid too. Most of their missions entail night surprise attacks and quick skirmishes as scouts. Varg always fight better moving rather than standing still.

Druade are each born from a giant mother tree. Druade appearances change depending on the tree that bares them. These trees are easily the size of mountains.

Abulene : The first Mother Tree to grow on Hibiciel. It is the largest tree in existence and the oldest. It stands amongst and empty grassland like a mountain and providing an immense amount of shade below. The Druade born from this tree are tested the second they are born as they must weave vines to catch them as they are dropped like fruit from the canopy above. Abulene Druade are for the most part born with heads of leaves and green and a beautiful oak brown for hands and feet.

Nephel : The Second Mother Tree. Nephel sprouted in the wetlands of Hibiciel. It’s a rather tropical climate that transitions into vast beaches of sand. Trees, various plants and life everywhere. It rains a a large percentage of the time and its pure sunshine the rest. The Druade here are born from the branches. The majority of their bodies are wooden and their hair is thick like vines.

Piera : The Third Mother Tree. This one grew out of a great cavern. The cavern is so deep, the canopy of the tree is level with the trees on the surface. This cavern is filled with luminescent mushrooms and algea of all kinds. Water streams in from all sides forming a giant pool at the center of the tree. The Druade here are born out of the roots. They have soft, mossy hair that often carries the luminescent qualities itself. Their bodies are the most bare of all the Druade. Their limbs, if anything, are sometimes an ashen grey matching the stony walls and floor of the cavern.

The Umidine are a very cultured race. They are incredibly xenophobic and cut off from the universe. Their worlds are nothing but oceans and a few islands. While parts of their underground kingdoms are completely submerged, others are filled with air using magic for the very rare allowed visitor.

Ur : The Ur Dynasty. The very first kingdom of the Umidine before the decision was made to expand to other worlds. Cerul is a world completely submerged in water. Replete of any land. The center palace is immense, surrounded by incredibly intricate towers and buildings. Only the most important of royals are able to enter Ur. Any Umidine born in Ur is given privilege to all Dynasties outside of Ur.

Neith : Considered to be the most beautiful city amongst the worlds. Many of it’s halls and rooms are nothing but glass and gem. What makes it so incredible is at night time an incredible number of lights are shined through the city. From the surface its a gorgeous light show of the like seen nowhere else. On occasion they hold festivals above the surface opening up their borders to outsiders.

Ren : A city filled to the brim with plant life. There have been vast portions of the city, compared to others, where trees and flowers have been brought in, filled with air to sustain plants. It’s considered to be one of the lower class cities but it doesn’t make it any less beautiful. Travelers are allowed to come and go but they still are forced through a rigorous check.

The Frohr may be separated into different factions but they all usually work together as one. Factions mostly have a specialty in one field of training. Some work together better than others or have rivalries. This being the case, they still live together. A teenage Frohr must pick how they live their life by their faction.

Valcyr : The lifeblood of the Frohr. They work the cities, hunt for food, and care for the wounded. They bring life to the entirety of the factions. While they very rarely help with combat scenarios, they are more than capable of fighting as they are trained from birth like all Frohr. Combat just loses focus once one joins the Valcyr. No town would be able to survive the cold forever winter without the Valcyr.

Lokahild : The Lokahild are the scout and stealth unit of the Frohr. They spend their entire teenage years on the outskirts of the towns fighting to survive with others should they choose to join. They learn their abilities hunting down wildlife and the like. Once they reach adulthood, providing they survive, they are allowed back in the towns. At that point they join the army and are further trained in many techniques. A fully trained Lokahild Frohr can scale any terrain with ease and infiltrate virtually any structure.

Gandamr : The hammer of the Frohr. This faction hits hard and fast leaving everything leveled in their wake be it mountain or building. Their war machines are unmatched compared to any other kingdom. Gandamr are trained in both combat and siege operation. Gandamr are trained to fight to the death for glory and never retreat. Their weapons easily match a Lurahes’ in size and brutality. Gandamr usually live short but full lives.

Xalistis blood has become diversified into three kinds. Each providing a particular magic to one born into it and changing the magics they’re able to perform with their eyes.

Nox : The dark bloodline. The tattoos of these Xalistis are all dark colors. Forcing all magics the Nox learn to take on a darker form. This makes Nox magic cause short mental changes in an opponent. Creating momentary disturbances in their control of magic. Nox ocular magic causes those around to see moving shadows in their form. Mainly in the corner of their eyes. Strong Nox can use their ocular magic to create a full veil of shadow for their enemies.

Lux : The bright bloodline. The tattoos of these Xalistis are all bright colors. Forcing all magics the Lux learn to take on a brighter form. This makes Lux magic have extreme penetration and break properties. Making barriers, shields, and wards virtually useless. Lux ocular magic sends shocks to random nerves of their opponents. Strong Lux can completely paralyze their enemies for short periods of time.

Zilax : The mixed bloodline. The tattoos of these Xalistis are all middle tone colors. Forcing all magics the Zilax learn to be their truest forms. This makes Zilax magic deal more damage than it normally would. Zilax ocular magic creates a momentary bridge between them and their opponent allowing the Zilax to sap a small amount of power. This ability however is unable to be developed much farther than it’s basic state.

Apha descend from what they call the Three Dark Gods. These Gods were Apha. Each one is said to stand for a different of aspect of Darkness that allow the Apha to live and prosper. Each Apha is born with a birthmark, Apha call it a gift, as proof of their god.

Ciar : Ciar is the God of Shadow. Apha who were born from the Ciar family make it there life to live in shadow. They spy, steal, and infiltrate for their home. They are the fleetest of feet amongst the Apha and Argen. They often find daggers and bow to be the tool of their trade. They are said to be so skilled that even in the brightest of days they need few shadows to accomplish their objective. Ciar Apha all have a black eye like tattoo somewhere on their body from birth.

Koli : Koli is the God of Night. Koli Apha are said to never step out into the light of day unless they are shrouded in darkness. These Apha usually staff the night guard and run the night facilities in the Apha and Argen cities. They are also incharge of all operations involving night time assaults. No one can navigate the darkness like a Koli Apha. All of these Apha are born with brilliant silver eyes. These eyes in the light of a moon glow beautifully.

Nere : Nere is the God of Eclipse. Apha born into the Nere line worship the moon on Twih as Nere herself. They say that their Sun once tried to burn the Apha away but Nere became the moon and blocked the sun’s rays till it gave up. These Apha are typically more magically inclined as compared to their brethren who prefer a good blade. Nere Apha are all born with black streaks in their hair. These streaks are so overwhelmingly pitch black that they are impossible to dye out.

Argen descend from what they call the Three Bright Gods. These Gods were Argen. Each one is said to stand for a different of aspect of Light that allow the Argen to live and prosper. Each Argen is born with a birthmark, Argen call it a gift, as proof of their god.

Lior : Lior is the God of Rays. Lior Argen are the frontliners of their armies. They arm themselves with almost luminescent golden plates and shining bows that rain down pure sunlight. These Argen each try to live life to the fullest with morals being their highest priority. They fight for their home and would happily lay down their lives to protect it. Argen of Lior are born with hair so golden, it reflects the sun’s light as if it was metal.

Zora : Zora is the God of Day. Argen born into the Zora family are usually of the more creative side. Many Zora find themselves interested in blacksmithing, cloth weaving, and culinary arts. They love providing services for others and make it their duty to make something no one else can. Most Zora end up not staying in the confines of their cities and go out to the worlds and settle down somewhere else. Zora Argen are each born with an intricate arm tattoo of gold.

Agon : Agon is the God of Sun. Argen who have descended from the Agon line find themselves wanting to live as brilliantly as the sun shines. Most are unsure of what they want or dream for. They work tirelessly in the cities or fight for the armies till they find their calling in life. Argen in this family believe one day Agon will reveal himself to them, thus revealing their purpose. Argen of Agon are each born with gold eyes as bright as the sun.

Wyvion have tribes, each completely dedicated to an element that is important to all of the worlds. The Wyvion of these tribes each practice a particular magic and have done so for so long that this magic is now passed down through birth. These tribes tend to keep to themselves and only involve themselves with the real world if the elements are threatened.

Aohd : A tribe that lives by the ways of fire. They live among the great volcanoes of Draken. The Dragigantei that Lihsaaga picked to lead the tribe is one of the oldest. His name is Tlexgandra.

Eade : A tribe that worships the very earth all beings walk on. They live deep underground. Astaroquebiel is the Dragigantei that leads the Eade.

Feng : A tribe that bends air with ease. They live up in the tallest mountains of Draken and are able to ride it’s clouds. Lihsaaga chose Zaeolusesenormr to take charge of Feng.

Cald : A tribe that is completely in tune with the flowing water. They thrive among the beaches and rivers of Draken. Lihsaaga assigned Nilaklynerina as the Dragigantei to lead the tribe.

Talm form stronger bonds with each other than brothers. They fight, hunt, and scavenge with their kin day in and day out. Related or not, Talm kin see blood ties as being unimportant. What matters is what you do for your kin.

Nakam : A band of Talm that have survived on the desert planet of Gaensuv for ages. They are filled with some of the most powerful beasts Talm have ever captured and some of the most fabled warriors. They are in charge of many of the inter-race affairs and relations as the forefront of the Talm.

Broir : Talm that left Gaensuv to go to a planet with a legend of a great beast that had ran rampant hundreds of years before, denying all entrance to the planet. This beast was an Entalacheya that lost it’s Deus master. Their leader managed to beat and tame the beast. The only man in the universe being able to do so other than a Deus. To this day that beast guards the Broir and helps them live on the planet even though that leader has passed.

Anaia : A group of Talm that travels the worlds in search of bigger and greater beasts to tame. They take jobs and follow lore. Anything that involves a challenge. They revel in the fight between them and their next catch. They are one of the only Talm that capture beasts and keep them in captivity for future hunts and young.

The Baned---Lastern
The crystals the Yyterians were exposed to were not all the same. Each had an effect entirely different from the other. Ranging from magic to physical appearance.

Metambre : The first of the mutated. These Yyterians twisted and changed forever. Their bodies completely dyed black, their eyes a deep shade of orange, crystals of the same color sprouting all over, and misshapen bodies. While they kept their minds their magic however turned permanently black. No matter what magic they wield it takes on a horrific black with orange aura evaporating off of it.

Varialma : The Yyterian’s who were exposed to these crystals had their bodies covered in spikes, clear crystals, and black armor. Their speed and physical potential intensified incredibly. In this process many lost their minds in an odd sense. They still held on to their reasoning but they seemed to lose control over much of their emotion.

Advathyst : The village these Yyterians resided in were hit by a different crystal than the rest. They were the luckiest. The crystals were destroyed by Existence before the damage was completed. Most of their body was dyed black and covered in crystals but they retained their original forms more than the other Yyterians. The only effects that seemed to stem from these crystals was a slight change in physical form. Most likely due to the mutations being stopped halfway.

There are only three engineers who are able to create the Eficon alive. These three each have their own personal touch they leave on their creations.

Velviel : The first Engineer ever built. She had the word perfection repeated into her mind over and over till that’s all she settled for. The Eficon she builds have absolutely zero seams or ridges. She weaves a thin layer of peach silk over their jointed bodies to make them appear as if they aren’t mechanical.

Kanikireal : An Engineer who’s found a way to commune with the dead. He offers them a second chance that won’t result in them becoming an Eidath. Eficon don’t express emotion. But because the machines he creates are more than magic infused parts and actual souls of a passed being, they are able to feel. Kanikireal believes emotion is perfection.

Opifiel : She’s lost touch with perfection. She accepts that perfection is impossible. She believes Eficon are beautiful in every way. Every crevice and disjointed limb is just as elegant as that of an actual living being. Eficon built by her have no joints and their limbs are connected by orbs summoned by their own magic. The orbs match the color of the Eficon’s “soul” even though they don’t really have one.

Caehrdwynn & Cerdys---Ceri
These two races live in towns that they call plazas. Here they try to offer a place of peace and tranquility where they can build a utopia.

Elscu : A grand city as beautiful as it is large. Many of it’s buildings snow white and covered in bountiful greenery. It is the biggest of the Plazas and the most populated. Many a Caehrdwynn and Cerdys have found their soul mate here. If any had a dream of a beautiful home and a comforting job this is where one would settle. Crime is non-existent and economy is booming.

Maetal : A rather small town out in the middle of nowhere. This plaza was founded by Caehrdwynn and Cerdys that have no want for the noisy urban areas. It’s a simple farm town that grows all kinds of produce. Most of the Caehrdwynn and Cerdys that live here don’t have much drive to find a soul mate at the current time and just want to let life happen. They want to enjoy the simple things and wait for the right time.

Koibeel : A city located at the edge of a large beach. It has all kinds of shops, restaurants, and more. It is said this place has united so many Caehrdwynn and Cerdys that it has become magic itself. It has become so incredibly well known that not only Caehrdwynn and Cerdys come for romance. This spot is so frequented by foreigners that it is under guard at all times as it has been declared a neutral zone banned from attack.

Ragscra don’t have cities or kingdoms, just guilds. They are scattered throughout the worlds and take on all forms of tasks and contracts for just about anyone. You can very rarely visit a well populated area and not find a guild tavern somewhere. These guilds aren’t exclusive to Ragscra. They accept races of all kinds.

Zabor : A huge guild stationed in one of the Lurahes’ kingdom named Ailfweald. They’re so large and skilled they’ve actually been contracted into the Lurahes army a few times. They only take big ticket contracts. Whether it’s a simple guard detail to a temporary army enlistment. They are also often asked to smith weapons on a large scale or construction projects. Zabor is open for all races but they only take the best.

Skran : A guild that’s taken residence in a relatively large Talm settlement bustling with all kinds of people by the name of Alyth. They take on an incredible amount of tasks. There is virtually no job they won’t accept. They strive to improve the community in any way they can and together with the Talm guard the town. They’ve helped it’s people through an innumerable amount of bad times.

Tsata : A roaming guild that takes jobs from town to town, world to world. They accept just about any job they can. For virtually every job they take they have someone in their guild who is able to complete it more competently than most. Their guild tavern is a variety of mobile habitats pulled by large creatures.

The Eidath try to no longer dwell on other worlds anymore so they’ve built their own. They’ve made giant towers of stone that eerily embody that of a gravestone.

Libit : A monolith that serves as a beacon for all of the lost undead. It was the first constructed by their kind. Every night it shines a light to guide those wandering on it’s world to it. Libit offers a life to all of the undead who are not ready to be laid to rest.

Valdis : The only hope for undead to move back on to the afterlife. Here a Vyzrei by the name of Etaph has rid himself of his original duties and taken it upon himself to shelter and console the cursed bodies. It is said that Etaph has found a way to rid the curse but it is nearly impossible to perform unless sensitive conditions have been fulfilled by the undead. Till then all Eidath are here trying to find peace.

Aivlok : This monolith has grown into a city ripe with hope. Most of the Eidath here have come to terms with their curse and decided to settle down. Many have traveled from Libit or Valdis to here wanting more than just peace and a life. When they find themselves happy, the Eidath here often decide to leave to the outside worlds and meld back in with society.

Rafacruos hail from dictatorships ruled by queens. These queens each have a different approach to the outside worlds in terms of politics and pleasures.




Orfarna are all born from the dream world into Scele but there are different forms of nightmares they come from. Real world events constantly affect the mass and their nightmares so some have been put into categories.




While the Baratlumn are secretive about their first birthplace, they have shared information about some of the planes they come from. Each considerably different from the next.




Each Concaelam is born from a particular element. While they don't necessarily dictate personality, it is noticeable that some are more aggressive, quiet, etc. from others overall.







Duseu upon birth are born with a particular mindset. This determines much of what they'll aspire to be throughout life and what they will try to accomplish.




As the Squarmar are an incredibly adaptive race, Squarmar found in one city are often incredibly different from those found in another. It typically only takes a family two generations to evolve their needs to the environment around them.




Certain stones on Niv have been chosen as a way to represent the fallen warrior's achievements who's weapon was buried there. So often an Ae will exhibit particular personality traits in accordance to the stone they were born from.




Syphata have built magnificent capitals on their planets, each dedicated to a form of expression. They serve as museums to their accomplishments.




As the Viserus were cut off from all other civilizations and much of their world was burned to ruin, they have stayed in a rather primitive state. Living in massive nomadic groups they call Hordes. They work the land till its bare and worthless then move on.




Niex live on the frozen mountains of Piri. There are countless ranges and many have been colonized. Each range has developed it's own special product that is sought after worlds over.




Mer are one of the most populous races, spread all over. Because of this they are incredibly diverse, but many share the same desire to be close to land and live on it. So it is more common to find them living in a bay than in the middle of an ocean.




Many Rognavi live their entire life afloat a vessel. Many never set foot on land unless it is to restock their fleet. The fleet a Rognavi comes from, defines them.




Life Wells are everything to an Ambraet. Their life, reincarnation, and birth. While no birthing Life Well is particularly different from another, the cities they reside in are.




The volcanoes on Urisu have been infused completely and perfectly with magic. The lava they spew is almost life energy itself. Whenever they erupt there is always a chance of them bringing about a new generation of Ignastine.



Concoraedel Academy - Origins -

Once you pick a race you must pick your origin point. Once you decide where you come from the rest of the story is up to you.

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Races of the Universe

Before you create your character you must pick a race to be! After that navigate to the Origins page and pick your beginning. The story that happens after that is up to you!



A race created by Chaos. A highly intelligent and magical race. Their hair is one of the strongest materials in the universe and is often sought after for high quality bows, nets, and ropes. A material with at least the strength of steel is required to cut it. They have long, pointed ears and tall, thin structure. Their potential in weapon and magic wielding is one of the highest of all the races. They were among the first races to create a caste system and military. They pride themselves in order and prosperity. Even their poorest is able to make a more than decent living. They spread themselves into other worlds and develop kingdoms with a king or queen. But they all answer to a single monarch above them that rules the kingdoms from their homeworld. They typically wear incredibly heavy armor and wield brutishly large weapons.


A race created by Chaos. A tribal, nomadic race that considers the entire universe their home. They travel from place to place, world to world with no destination. They wander in search of battle and glory. They are often hired as mercenaries or join armies. Even this being the case, they are a very righteous people and will only fight if they see good reason or cause. The Daizix bare horns, bones formed outside the skin as plates or spikes, and skeletal tails. The males are extremely tall and muscular while the females are short and petite. They have the ability to form unbreakable, magical fragments. These can be conformed to create full suits of armor, claws, weapons, and more. These fragments can break/cut through nearly anything due to their magical nature. However, this power must be developed at an early stage because it is nearly impossible to change it's use at older ages. This makes the younger stages very important and often decides the roles a Daizix will play in their tribe at the beginning of their life.


A race of immense magical power created by Justice. They have the highest magical potential of all the domesticated races. They can often wield magic at the level of a Vessel though it takes hundreds of years. They often mix their families into other kingdoms and as such they have no kingdom of their own or any real hierarchy to their social order. They simply don’t have any aspirations except to become the greatest of their kind. Their homeworld is one of the most inhabited as they opened their borders to every race so that they might be able to learn all magics and perfect them. A Cerygur reads hundreds of books during their lifetime and spends even more time practicing. Some of the strongest are recruited into armies of other races.


A flying race created by Justice. Considered to be one of the most beautiful in existence. This being the case, they are sometimes hunted. Faethel sport two brilliantly feathered wings and extremely vibrant eyes. They don’t share much contact with the outside world. However they share the utmost curiosity when the descend to the other worlds and travel. They love trying everything new, most times without regards for consequences. To a Faethel, there is often nothing more exciting than traveling but this is highly discouraged due to the value of their feathers or just as pretty pets.


A small magic race that was a result of the world seeds placed on the world of Aline. One of the smallest sentient beings in the universe. Tsaeri are born of flowers on their world. They then often make their homes out of trees and the surrounding plant life.They fly using magic to project wings from the magical spheres on their back. They also can combat projecting magic through the spheres anywhere else on their body. Even with their lack of stature they can wield high level magic. They feel most at home in a forest and are typically very in tune with their surroundings. They can sense hostile intent from a distance almost immediately even if they don’t know where it’s coming from. It is rather difficult taking a Tsaeri by surprise. It is very rare for a Tsaeri to take to a populated area. These are often too overwhelming for them and makes them long for home.


A race created by Order. An average sized bipedal race. Having antlers in varying shapes and long, furry ears. They have slight psychic abilities. Most only being able to feel what another being is experiencing varying from just empathetic powers to reading minds. The Wayfard are a race that has lost it's roots. From the moment they were made they never felt at home. They all spread across the universe trying to find something that could put them at peace. Something they could call their home. They eventually stopped pairing up with each other and settled down with other races. Very few pure-blooded Wayfard exist anymore. Wayfard traits appear to be dominant to almost every other race when passed down to a child.


A beastlike race created by Order. They are incredibly quick, not so quick witted though. Their senses are virtually unparalleled as their strength is as well. They are quite possibly the most unique of all the races as one Straic is virtually always different from another in terms of appearance. Patterns, colors, and even tail count. Straic can grow as many as ten tails. Just as many try to fit in with society as those who don’t. They survive in climates as extreme as desert to that of a frigid wasteland. As for the few who stick together in the wilderness, there is no rank. There is no leader. Just the pack and it’s survival. They are one of the few strictly carnivore races amongst the worlds that are sentient.


A race that was a result of the world seeds placed on the world of Hibiciel. They are to feel and communicate with the world around them through the ground. They have very plantlike qualities. From their hair to their skin. The Druade came to be when the Three Mother Trees grew on their homeworld. Depending on the tree, they are born from particular parts of the trees which often determines their physical qualities. Their love for nature is unsurpassed and the amount who live among the more civilized areas surround themselves with plant life at their residence. They do not eat. They absorb nutrients from the air around them and the water they intake. This is the main reason they must be around other plant life as they need the purest of air released by plants. They would wither away otherwise. All Druade are able to control plant movement to some extent and at times able to converse with lower species who have no comprehension of sentient spoken language. Druade can live the longest of all races provided they are constantly taking in pure air. So it is very rare for a Druade who does not live in forests to be able to meet that criteria.


A race that was a result of the world seeds placed on the world of Cerul. Born in the oceans, they are very sensitive to air but they are hardy enough to survive on land. They are an incredibly xenophobic people that live incredibly lavish lives amongst their cities in the sea. Beauty, manners, and elegance are something that are incredibly important to an Umidine. This reason largely dictates why many choose not to venture from their worlds. Those who do usually do not spend much time away from their oceans. They are also the only race to stay themselves from from all war. This however does not speak for their fighting potential because they are just as agile on land as they are in water. Daily routine is the life of an Umidine and training is part of that routine.


A race created by Order. They are a rather intelligent race that braves the incredibly frigid hills of their planet Disrún. As magic wielding is a weakpoint for them, they have strived to find other ways for them to excel. They spend their entire life training for war. They are giants on the battlefield compared to many other races. So big they are often thought to be beasts themselves. The Frohr have developed siege machines none of the like that have ever been seen in this universe. They are renowned craftsman and builders. Their creations only matched by their fighting brutality. Only just recently have they found they can use snow as a power source by melting it down to water, then steam.


A race created by Order. Considered guardians of magic itself, they are a race born of magic so pure their bodies are almost magic themselves. Each and every one of them are given a full body tattoo at birth. This is where they draw their power in and project it. They typically wear nothing but rags so that they might use the power of their tattoos to the fullest. However they usually wear a full body cloak over so they can hide their tattoos until necessary. Each Xalistis also has incredibly potent ocular magic. They have virtually no control over it so they blindfold themselves. This causes no problem for them feeling their way through the worlds. A Xalistis is almost pure magic themselves so they are able to see the worlds through magic as all worlds are magic themselves. While a Xalistis rarely matches a Cerygr in magic wielding, their fighting technique and ferocity can often even the odds.


A dark race created by Order. Brother race to the Argen. They have incredibly long and large ears, dark grey to black skin, and very sharp eyes. Apha live together in cities with their brethren race, the Argen. Darkness is holy to an Apha. They are often nocturnal and do not step out into the day. Not out of fear but out of love for the night. They prefer agility over power as they tend to stick to the shadows or make shadows themselves. They are able to see through the night clearly even without moons or stars in the sky. This at times can cause problems for Apha during the day as light is much brighter to them.


A race of light created by Order. Brother race to the Apha. They have incredibly long and large ears, pale grey to white skin, and very sharp eyes. Argen live together in cities with their brethren race, the Apha. Light is holy to an Argen. Their skill with a bow is unmatched by any race as their eyesight is far and above that of their closest competitor. Some Argen can even conjure pure sunlight and use it as a weapon. The Argen are some of the most creative in the universe. They are in fact the first to bring music to the worlds. Argen see the universe as something that should be filled to the brim with light.


A race that came directly from the vessel Existence left behind to lead the Dragigantei. They are dragonian in every way. They have scales covering a good portion of their body, slitted eyes, and wings. They are incredibly spiritual and worship Lihsaaga, the vessel Existence left behind and the dragons she appointed to watch over them. They love the world around them and would fight fiercely to protect every aspect of it. Each tribe has a particular element they have an affinity for. It is not chosen, it is imprinted at birth. Other than this, nothing else is known about the secretive Wyvion.


A race created by Order. They are a race of beast tamers. Made by order to look exactly as humans, but lacking their nature. While she did not know Humanity still lived, sealed away. She desired to make something in their place as their systematic extermination laid on her heavily. From the beginning of their life, every Talm has one purpose. To capture and train their first beast. For days a Talm child finds and stalks a beast they find worthy. When they choose, at that moment their fight begins. Once they capture it and gain it’s loyalty, they spend the rest of their life with it. A Talm, by instinct alone, has immense hunting talent. Many are sought after to help hunt greater, bigger prey. However hired or not, a Talm will hunt greater prey no matter what. The hunt is everything to them. Just as their partner is. Some roam world to world while others settle in vastly populated wildlife worlds. Those who do typically mix in with other populations.

The Baned-

A cursed people. Originally a peaceful race created by Order. They were at first know as the Yyterians. They were on the unfortunate front of being the first to encounter the Abyss. No one knows what it is or where it came from. Not even the Incarnae. Their world was one of the closest to the creation point of the First Five. A hole ripped open right over their village raining down crystals that radiated with an eerie energy.They were… exposed to their energy.  Changing, mutating them. Existence herself came and closed the hole right as something began to slip out. But the damage to the Yyterians was already done. They had become something much darker than their original selves. Many losing their minds, but all twisted into something not of this plane.


A race of machine like beings. They were created by a dying race, the Ozdatl. They wanted to create perfection or something like perfection. The Original Five. They built great machines called Engineers to build the Eficon and infuse their empty shells with magic to give them life. Many races did not take kindly to the Ozdatl playing god and destroyed many of their creations. Order did not allow this senseless slaughter to continue. Only three Engineers survived the destruction the Ozdatl were not so lucky however. Eficon are emotionless machines that draw in magic from the world around them to function. Without it they are lifeless. The craftsmanship and detail put into their creation is beyond much of what the universe has seen. They are built to resemble the Original Five as the Ozdatl believed they are the most beautiful beings to walk the worlds.

Caehrdwynn & Cerdys(Care-dwin & Sehr-dihs)-

Two races eternally searching for a love to call their own. The Caehrdwynn, an all male race with the ability to disintegrate almost anything they touch. The Cerdys, an all female race with the ability to restore almost anything they touch. Each created by Order and each looking for a partner of the other race. They have formed almost utopian communities just for the purpose of finding love. They have no armies, government, no structure. Just a free world to roam and search. But the nature of their abilities often has other races hoping that they can recruit them into their armies.


The Ragscra are a result of racial mixing over the course of hundreds of years. Many have lost the magical traits passed down generation to generation but held on to the physical ones. They have inginuity of a Frohr, brutality of a Daizix, and power of a Straic. Ragscra have formed guilds to mix in with the worlds around them. They build their weapons, buildings, and transportation out of junk and scrap and random materials they purchase from surrounding markets. They spend most of their lives fulfilling tasks and helping the communities around them. War however is also no stranger to them. Battle is but another task to them.


A race purely made up of undead. Perfect resurrection is something lost to this universe. This does not stop beings from tampering with the forces of life and death. When a being is resurrected, they are forever trapped on this plane of living. Cursed in a state of forever undeath. Eidath all outlive their loved ones, friends, and anyone who’d dare to attempt resurrection. Their bodies possess immense power and even if completely annihilated, will regenerate completely. The Eidath civilized a world devoid of life to hide themselves away from the outside worlds as they are the only thing that lasts forever. An Eidath fears nothing. Nothing that is except for attachment.


A race created by Justice. They were a failed attempt to make a race with the perfect instinct. So any decision they made was strictly by pure need. The Rafacruos are a race of nobility and pleasure. They feed strictly off blood of other races but often partake in luxuriant foods, drinks, and other delights. They live lavish lives among their castles on worlds of perpetual night as their pale skin and red eyes are incredibly sensitive to sunlight. In some extreme cases even star light can cause them discomfort. They try to remain removed from the affairs of the other worlds but do not stay themselves from its many pleasures. They travel on mere whims and love mingling with the other races at times, more than just for feeding.


A race formed out of the pure negative emotions of every being and creature in existence. Once every fews days this energy accumulates from the dream realm as quite literal nightmare fuel and is expelled into the living plane. These disfigured creatures take on smaller forms under the guise of beautiful women or handsome men. Not out of fear or to hide themselves, but instead to simply live a life free of the fear they were born from. Their lives are quite short. As they reach the end of their life, they simply fade away as the last of their negative energy has been purified from a full, happy life. Once however, there was an Orfarna who chose to keep his negative energy, let his power grow, and lived centuries wreaking havoc till he was eventually and finally put down. Because of this, Orfarna are not always well received by the other races as thousands perished by the single, evil Orfarna.


A race whose origins are shrouded in mystery. No one knows where they came from. Scientists have been studying them for ages. They are known as Planeswalkers. They have an innate ability to be able to travel to any plane of existence. The living, death, void, dream, and many many other planes. Unlike the Wyvion, they are not secretive about their culture or purposes. The only thing they hide is the origin they were born from. They seek out imbalances or per say, things that do not belong. This has often brought them to blows with the Baned. As their energy is something other worldy and not belonging to this plane. The wish to keep symmetry with the planes. They fight for balance.


A race indirectly created by pure magic manifesting itself into an element. They are known as pseudo-Incarnae or Aspects. They have an indefinite life span and no means of reproducing. They are simply a race of circumstance. Due to their nature they are unable to master any magic other that of which they were formed but they wield it with power and in fashion of the like not seen by other races. They can become formless and enjoy hiding in the elements amongst cities, palaces, and other areas full of people to mess with and prank them. They are often incredibly curious about the worlds around them because their element is all they know. They can change forms but often take the shape of someone influential to their life and choose to remain that way.


A race created by Time. They are a race that each have a single body, but two minds. More so two forms, each with their own soul. Time was trying to make the perfect coupled race. During his designs he accidentally paired them in the same body. These two personalities are called Kiit and Daan. The Kiit is more prominent in matters of the heart while the Daan tends to take the lead in matters of the mind. While this is truth for all of the Duseu, each Kiit and Daan typically have highly varying personalities from one Duseu to the other. While the Kiit and Dann of a single Duseu try to work in unison freely switching back and forth of their own accord, there can be occasional times where they conflict with each other over control or even lesser matters. As a Duseu is two beings living in one body, the Kitt and Daan each have their own likes, strengths, weaknesses, interests, hobbies, and more. As such, each form is it’s own and if one sustains injury or run out of stamina it may switch to the other. This being said the other form is unable to recover until control is switched again.


A race created by Order. They live on the desert world of Salob. Their scales are one of the strongest materials in existence and is often sought out for in use for armor as they shed much of their skins every few decades. They are the only cold blooded sentient race in existence and as such do not venture to other worlds often unless they are the same environment as their own. They each have stingers in their tails and a drop of their poison is enough to kill a small village. They are a civilized people that have built giant stone structures and cities throughout their deserts. Massive and intricate designs both above and below ground. They do not have have much hierarchy to their social structure. They assemblies where trusted members of their city meet to make political and many other important decisions. They are a relatively peaceful race but are ruthless on the battlefield.


A race born from the vast weapon graves of Niv. Long ago in the past when war ran rampant throughout the worlds, the battlegrounds were littered with weapons and bodies of valiant warriors. Even with differences separating them, the races agreed that their warriors deserved a burial. In this process they decided to separate the warriors from their weapons yet still bury them as they should be because these weapons often carried the magical energies their owners left behind and needed to be expelled. The world Niv was picked for this. Niv is a beautiful world full of rock and metals. These elements have a magical absorbing property to them which allows them to bring in magic from the surrounding areas and expel it. Soon after the weapons were laid to rest, certain stones began to expel the magic but with life. It took form as the Ae. A race born of the magic of millions of warriors. They are pure formless magic and are able to transform into a weapon. Usually they only have one weapon form and it is dictated by the warrior’s magic who is most influential out of the others absorbed. This in turn also gives the Ae memories of battles past. They wander the worlds in search of a being who can wield them again. Yet they are perfectly capable of holding their own in a fight.


A race created by Time. After seeing the Argen accomplish such beautiful masterpieces in music and art, Time was inspired to bring more to the universe. The Syphata are a peaceful people who dedicate their entire lives to creating. They are masterful in architecture, canvas arts, mathematics, culinary arts, or anything scholarly. They spend their entire lives learning and building. Very few pursue anything combat oriented but those who seek out what they see as the most beautiful martial arts or magic. Everything is an art to them, no matter what path in life the pursue. They quite weak physically but they are incredibly limber and graceful. They are typically quite skilled in magic so it is rare so see one take up arms. After a few hundred years their magic potency grows to such a level that some are able to bring literal life to their work.


A race created by Justice. Made to be Justice’s personal army. They were originally a perfect example of a Utopian society. A society completely replete of crime or hate. They ended senseless wars between races swiftly on Justice’s commands mercilessly. As they ended wars one by one, their need for power grew and grew. Till they eventually forged a pact with the Ancients. This pact changed their race, completely corrupting them into something of near perfect evil. They turned brutal and savage sweeping across worlds like a plague. Not even a day passed before Justice and his Sanctioned set out and slaughtered their legions. As the Viserus’ last city was to be burned, Order and Time came with a solution, severing the pact with Ancients and purifying them of their corruption. But the damage already done, their bodies stayed in their darker forms. They had garnered such a vast hatred for their species that it has not been until recently that they have been allowed to join the other worlds in commerce.


A race created by Order. A rather reclusive society that finds its home amongst frozen mountains and mostly unreachable places. They thrive in the cold and build humble little villages amongst the peaks of their homeworld. They are the perfect picture of elegance. They weave the most beautiful tapestries and clothing. Build the most intricate structures. And brew the most exquisite drinks in the worlds. While they are skilled in magic, they are quite delicate and fragile. They are vulnerable in moderate temperatures and need specialized magic to survive in anything warmer than such. They have palest complexion of the racists and all of them inherently have hair that is the purest of whites. Reproduction of their species is often an issue as many, despite their weaknesses, pursue other races romantically.


The last race created by Chaos. One of the newest races brought to the universe, they were created shortly after Chaos’ release. He designed them to be as beautiful as his sister, Order. He made them in dedication to her for creating the Talm. The Mer are an aquatic race. Playful and born with natural vocal magic, they are quite a unique race. Lacking legs, they are a rare sight amongst the surface and require a specialized chair to get around. While they are unable to walk or run on the surface, their vocal magic is so powerful they are still sought after. They can empower entire squadrons or drive a small group of enemies to drown themselves. While virtually immobile on land, they are so incredibly agile in water, even the Umidine are no match for them underwater. Many are asked to expand their borders to other worlds and brought to colonize waters, harbors, and such as they fill the waters with mines and offer protection to the ships that dock.


A race created by Order. Born on the beaches of Fjarcta. Instead of taking to the land like most races they took to the sea. They quickly learned how to adapt to the oceans and built magnificent vessels. What they created became what would be the standard for all the world’s navies. With the oceans on their world being as vast as it is, they quickly separated into different factions. They found themselves at civil war with themselves so many retreated to other worlds. Some joined kingdom owned fleets, some started their own seafaring businesses,  while others took up piracy. Rognavi live by the sea. Rognavi die by the sea. They’ve evolved to have incredible senses and can sense a storm hours before it hits and see islands as far as 2 miles off the horizon. It is standard, and good luck, to have at least one Rognavi onboard a vessel.


A race created by Order. She made them to aid her in her never ending quest to restore broken worlds. They are a race that cannot die before it’s time. An Ambraet lives for tens of thousands of years. Their death is predicted at birth and they are unable to expire before that point. If they were to die before that point they simply reincarnate at an immense life well on Ranthiore. All Ambraet are connected to this well and the others. Their deceased body dematerialises and reforms at the well where life is literally poured back into it. Ambraet are sometimes thought of as gods or holy disciples and worshipped. They descend to fallen worlds with Order and give life to it from their own bodies as she reforms it. While they are born with this duty, Order by no means forces them to live it. She allows them to go off if they feel their calling elsewhere.


A race born from the raging hot fires of Urisu. One of the first worlds to form out of natural order without assistance from the Five. Forged from a broken world never restored by Order. Urisu was ravaged by war before the Millenias of Silence. Upon Chaos’ sealing, the world was left to rot. Over thousands of years the planet was bombarded by its moon left molten and shattered in orbit due to the war. The magic that the moon was destroyed with infused into its very ground, covering Urisu in magically potent lava. Once Chaos released himself, the sudden shock of Chaos sparked life from the lava, birthing the Ignastine. A race born from Chaos, they thrive in it. They live on whims and do what they please. This being said, they are not inherently evil, just unrestrained. They have no social order or military and simply live on Urisu till they grow bored. They are pure stone and lava with form to it.  They do not eat or drink but have a reputation for trying to and not stopping at a cost to a restaurant or two.












Incarnae(In-car-nay)-NOT FOR THE ACADEMY

These beings are the very universe themselves. Everything the universe is, is simply an aspect of an Incarnae. The universe began in an instant after an unknown amount of time had passed. Whether it be merely seconds or trillions of years. In but a moment, Existence sparked into the universe. Barely instants after came Time, Chaos, Justice, and Order. By sacrificing huge portions of their power they created worlds, stars, races, and more. An Incarnae comes into being the second that force is brought forth. Whether it be an emotion, a part of nature, or something much higher. An Incarnae can form out of nothing or a lower being which was the first to experience a force can become one.(i.e. The first being to feel fear became Terror[Ttenn]) Because of this, there is no set appearance for an Incarnae. Once the Incarnae is brought into existence, the very force it represents rushes across the universe so that everything being or object may be subjugated to that force. Whenever an Incarnae ceases to exist or is killed, what it represents disappears or is unable to ever be formed again.(i.e such as if the Incarnae of Water were to die, water could no longer be created, what's there is all that will ever be) Incarnae are the highest form of life and many are omnipotent. Some can be infinitely strong while others are just simply of average power. While they are the highest form of life, it is entirely possible for a being of a lower race to obtain a power that rivals Incarnae without becoming one themselves. This an extremely rare occurrence but it is not impossible. Aside from Incarnae’s who’ve joined societies and militaries, they virtually never interact with the races. They all just watch the universe they’ve helped build, evolve and progress. While a force being destroyed affects lower races and species, it does not affect Incarnae. So if Terror for example were to be eliminated, none of the lower races would be able to feel fear, but Incarnae would still be full well capable of it. Once a force is wrought on the universe, all Incarnae are forever subjected to it.


A race created by Chaos. He left them with no magical ability but gave them his pure nature. Humans bare a closer resemblance to the First Five Incarnae than any other race. They quickly came to be hated by all the races due to their extreme warlike nature and the uncanny ability to adapt to any situation. They may lack the strength and magic of the other races but their overflow of courage, intense will, fast growth and reproduction, and constant evolution of technology helped keep them on par with the other races. Humanity conquered many races before the sealing of Kaezir. Most of the races used this as a chance to kill them off since he would be unable to step in to stop them. Ttenn, the only human to become an embodiment, saved a group of humans. She sealed them in a world hidden away on a far edge of the universe made by Chaos and left them under watch of... Something. They weren't released onto the world they were sealed upon until after the Millenias of Silence when the universe had finally forgotten about humanity and the humans had no recollection of the magical world. Their existence is a closely kept secret among a few Incarnae who are in Chaos’ confidence.


To be revealed. Connections point to the secret world Chaos created.


A race killed off long, long ago. They said they were here long before the Incarnae. They sought to remove all life from the universe as the say it's birth was a mistake. Chaos, Justice, and an untold hero put an end to them. They referred to themselves as the Ancients.

Authora(Ah-thor-rah)-NOT FOR THE ACADEMY

A race created by Time. They chronicle every event in the universe from start to finish. Every detail down into books on a world unknown to anyone. They are rarely seen in traveling out among the worlds but are always seen wearing a large hooded cloak. They typically only descend to the worlds to share knowledge and tomes.


A race made by Justice. They are lifeless automatons filled with the spirit of a being that Justice deemed extremely righteous in his\her actions in life be they good or evil. They are completely fueled by Justice himself as they run off of his energy. Their duty is to subdue anything Justice decides is a threat. This happens very rarely. Once every few thousand years. So multiple times the Sanctioned slip back into the realm of myth. They can teleport anywhere in the universe. It is unknown where they reside and is assumed they simply go inactive until called upon by Justice. They are very few in number and easily match a lower level Incarnae in power.


A race created by Justice. They are essentially the reapers of the universe. They very rarely step into the living plane of existence as their purpose is to take freshly passed souls from the middle plane to the other side. Their number is unknown. They have the ability to sense impending death. Because of this, they often hover around their target for days. They are pure lifeforce themselves and can fully control the amount of time a lesser being has to live. They almost never do this as it is often against everything they are meant to do. They vary in appearances but all have extremely pale skin and glowing silver eyes. It is impossible to lay eyes on one unless you step into their plane which they often don't take very kindly too.

Dragigantei(Drah-gi-gan-tay)-NOT FOR THE ACADEMY

The single race created by Existence. An extremely diverse and powerful species. They have the greatest magical and physical potential out of all the races. Many are even stronger than a large amount of Incarnae. They start out small but often grow to be larger than a building. A great majority of this race simply have the mind of a rabid best protecting it's land but some have lived long enough to become sentient and learn tongues spoken by other races. While this is the case, they still stay well away from civilized areas as there is great sport in hunting them. These creatures have transportation magic ingrained in them as an instinct. They can fly but they have no method to travel between worlds so they rely on said magic to travel to and from. It is unknown how they sense other worlds but since the Dragigantei are highly elemental based, it is thought that they simply feel their way through connection. Existence left a small part of herself as a separate being to lead the majority of the Dragigantei as their leader.. or mother. Only the Wyvion know the answer to this.

Colossieq(Co-loh-seeq)-NOT FOR THE ACADEMY

A race made by Order. These are massive creatures, towering over everything. Some as big as a mountain. These were all place by Order as an attempt to protect worlds untainted by war. Their appearances vary from giant, lumbering bipedals to quick, smaller statues that run on all fours. Many lie undisturbed and unneeded for decades allowing trees and other such to grow on them. While others have temples and shrines built around them. Most are made of stone while it is noted that some have metallic decorations and light armor. These creatures lie dormant, frozen in a state, unbreakable till it is sensed that something horrible is about to happen on it's world. There are less than twenty in existence.

Celesterial(Sel-les-steer-ree-al)-NOT FOR THE ACADEMY

A race indirectly created by Chaos. Ever so infrequently, when a star is born it generates a living being in it so powerful it can feel the thoughts and feelings, depending on the intensity, of beings directed at it from virtually anywhere. They can travel from system to system in seconds. They usually follow the thoughts of the first being to lay eyes on it. Amorphous, they take a form in relation to the being they felt and usually get attached. However they can only spend about a year away from space. They absorb energy from the stars around but the amount they take in dulls in the atmosphere of a planet and eventually have to take leave for a month or longer before they can return otherwise they'd die out and fade. Their personality is often dictated by the personality of being they chose to pair themselves with. Once it's formed in both mind and body, it usually keeps it for the rest of it's life. Their lifespan is indefinite but they tend to live till their partner passes then they allow themselves to fade. In rare cases they choose to keep on living but they will never pair up with another again.


A race created by Time. These creatures started out as an experiment for Time. It started out with him wanting something that could adapt, evolve, and change no matter what world they were placed upon. He was successful. But too successful. They took over everything and absorbed every bit of life on their planet into a twisted version of itself. All in a day. A being is taken by breathing or taking in a spore. The change takes place in mere seconds. It has it's mind wiped completely, all except the purpose of protecting itself by eliminating and absorbing any living thing around it. Any ability the taken being has is kept and still usable. It twists and mutates into a more terrifying version of itself. The Blight can take over corpses or anything that has to capacity to live, including plants. The strong willed keep most of their intelligence but still lose their mind and purpose to simply living for the Blight. This threat became all too real. Many beings took arms and tried to invade. They just became part of it. The Blight eventually spread planet to planet taking over the entire solar system in weeks. Constantly finding ways to evolve itself to spread and take. Chaos descended upon the system and destroyed every planet except the origin. Time asked Chaos to leave it be, because at this point the Blight gained intelligence from the beings it absorbed and learned that it should stay where it began. Beings far too curious for their own good occasionally visit the fabled planet. Few return. Those who do are completely erased out of fear of it spreading again.


Created by Time. Not so much a race as a beginning. These are the perfected version of the Blight. The main change Time made is putting a limit on their ability to evolve. Planted at every world created. They grow into creatures, plants, and much much more. Most do not evolve past something the size of a small creature but they often inspire Time to create a minor species of varying sizes and types on the planet the Seeds reside on. As these were created after the Blight, many origin worlds do not have many other creatures that inhabit them other than their original races.


A race created by Order. These are beings of immense power created to help direct the growth of the planet they were placed upon and to guard it. There are fewer than a hundred and they cannot reproduce. Due to their power they are often worshipped by the planet's inhabitants(if there are any) hence the name they were given. They are extremely in tune with their planet and can sense just about any life force upon it. They possess extreme magic capabilities and are on par with the Sanctioned in power. They were originally made to help Order cultivate life on planets ravaged by Chaos' destruction once the planet had been deemed uninhabitable either by war or otherwise. Once the planet reaches it's peak, they usually allow themselves to become one with the planet and fade. Some choose to reside and protect it for eternity however.

Entalacheya(En-tah-leh-kay-ah)-NOT FOR THE ACADEMY

Every time a Deus is created by Order, an Entalacheya is made with it as well. Usually coming in the form of a beast, very few in a more bipedal fashion. These creatures are created to guard the Deus they are paired with. They do not wield much magic and focus more on physical forms of combat. They are extremely loyal to the Deus they are paired with very much like a pet.


Something a Deus can create to carry on it's will. They are empty shells possessing no emotion. However completely capable of sentient thought and action. When a Deus completes it's task but wishes to become part of the planet, it can fill it's Vessel with it's power to guard the planet in it's stead. They simply stand guard on the planet with it's Entalacheya for the rest of time.


A body that has lost both its soul and shadow. It is unknown how this occurs and is immeasurably rare. Empty of all emotion and thought. While the soul and shadow are separated from it, the two follow it around as separate entities. It is nearly impossible to harm the soul and shadow, however if the Morta is harmed the latter are hurt as well. It’s actions and emotions are controlled by the Anima. The only way to tell the difference between a Morta and a normal being is to force it’s Umbra to break from the Morta. Usually only done through attacking. Mortas are also typically much stronger and have higher magic wielding capabilities than their previous selves. Every part of their being has been increased to make up for what it lost. It has been documented very few times that these three entities were seen separated from their counterparts.


The soul separate from the Morta. It follows the Morta around in a separate plane but can manifest itself in the physical plane for short periods of time. It acts as the mind of the Morta and controls its actions and feelings. When it manifests itself in the physical plane it can be used as a magical, amorphous weapon. It’s properties changes according to the personality of the former being before it was separated. Searing flames and incredibly sharp gusts of air are some of the properties it can take on. It can only be harmed through the Morta or through the ethereal plane it resides in, not the physical one it manifests itself on. It has been documented very few times that these three entities were seen separated from their counterparts.


The shadow separate from the Morta. It follows the Morta and acts as a real shadow till the Morta is threatened. When this happens it can shift and freely move around. It can take the shape of virtually anything. Usually tries to flank and attack from blind spots while the Morta engages. It is not controlled by the Morta, it simply acts on it’s own. It can only be harmed through the Morta or incredibly high leveled light magic It has been documented very few times that these three entities were seen separated from their counterparts.
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FINALLY! They're here. Gonna start uploading the visual race references and specs one by one as I make them now! After months of deliberation there are now 35 selectable races for the academy.

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